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Attention: Advertising Opportunity For You, Your Family and friends!

For those who are not already aware I have been working for an online marketing company for the last 7 months named Get Me On Media. I have never really promoted my company or work on my blog, however, my company has got an incentive program running for staff at the moment, offering commissions for customers brought in. I therefore shamelessly / shamefully (not really quite sure, have mixed emotions about this *smile* ) using this blog to get some free advertising space.

Let me just basically state how this works and what our company does:

Our company specializes in Google Adwords, Googles PPC (Pay Per Click) system. Every time you type in a word in Google, along with the search results, on the right hand side and in a blue box at the top are sponsored links (these are Adwords). You pay every time someones clicks on that ad and goes to your site (you pay for someone clicking, not for the amount of times the ad is shown, otherwise known as an impression, so even if no-one clicks you are still geting great exposure!).

It is a great, simple easy way to get traffic to your site. Whether you are a company, blog, multinational, it doesn’t matter, we can service you and bring you quality traffic. You choose your budget, its all entirely up to you. We have clients spending $1 a day up to a couple of thousand dollars per day. Either way, we will get your great results for your dollar.

Why do you need US (or rather me) instead of doing it yourself?

1) Google adwords is complicated, time consuming and requires training
2) The vast majority of people would not know how to write ad copy, choose the right keywords that actually have traffic or choose the right words that actually work.
3) We know what we are doing, we are Adwords Proffesionals!
3) If you have problems you have somone to help you

For those who want to give it a go for $5 (excluding the cost per google clicks) read on here:

– You sign up with the link here (note it has my special cid to track customers)
– It costs $5 for the first month, you signup. We analyze your site, create your keywords, adcopy and prepare your budget.
– We send you an email giving you instructions to activate your account
Warning: You have to activate your account, if you don’t get this email contact us. Our billing system is automatic so therefore if you don’t activate you will still get charged and that will be a real pity because a) you will be really annoyed b) you will cancel and most importantly c) you will not get the oppurtunity to get some traffic to your site
– Once you are up and running, you can be in contact with us and we can help work with you to get the objectives you desire. Here is my personal email address at work (rael at If you have any problems let me know.

If you like the service you can continue for $59/month. If you don’t, you can quit at any time, there is no contract! So the most it can cost you is $5 (excluding your Google click costs, you specify the budget of what you want to spend a day)

So here is a shameless plea to tell your friends, family, etc. If you have a rich uncle with a massive multinational who wants a great advertising service, let me know!

As I said before, contact me at (rael at if you have any further questions. That link again to pass around so I get the credit is

P.S Helping a fellow Jew make a parnassah is a big mitzvah


Working For A Living By R’ Harry Maryles

R’Harry Maryles, a profound and
insightful person whose writings I really respect, has authored a
great piece on the need for Orthodox Jews to work for a living and
the disastrous consequences of not. He clearly shows that the
Hollywood, picturesque representation of a “learning-only”
lifestyle / community as being problem free and a complete paradise,
are clearly inaccurate and misleading. Read it here.