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A Chiddush of Reb Nachman of Breslov on Megillah 13a


The Talmud teaches us that Esther was of average height, neither tall nor short (Megillah 13a). The reason is as follows.

Our Rabbis teach us, ‘Because of Rachel’s modesty, she was worthy of being a forebearer of Saul. And because of Saul’s modesty he was worthy of having Esther as a descendantÓ (ibid. 13b). Regarding Rachel it is written, ‘Rachel, your little daughterÓ (Genesis 29:18)–small in stature. Regarding Saul it is written, ‘He was a head taller than any of his fellowsÓ (1 Samuel 9:2). Esther stood between Rachel and Saul. Therefore she was of average stature.

(#107, Sichos HaRan – Reb Nachmans Wisdom)