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Shana Tova, a Sweet and happy new year to one and all

Divrei Yoel

My room mate is a very, deep spiritual person who regularly comes out with pearls of genius. His name is Yoel, so every now and again I will be posting something he writes up on his Facebook page (I am encouraging him to start his own blog, I think it will make for great and inspiring reading). Enjoy, and have a great shabbos!

In a world of chaos, destruction and pain, Man has the capability to bring about peace and unity to his own inner world and the world of others. By facing the challenges of life with a bold intellect, a giving heart and an unwavering commitment to honesty and kindness, Man redeems life. In doing so, he finds G-d, and in finding G-d, he finds himself.

Throughout our history, many voices and opinions have been presented on how to think, on how to speak and ultimately, how to act. Despite all that has been said and done, it is difficult to deny that kindness is a language spoken by all. Being kind to others reveals the beauty of life.

R’Amnon Yitzchak vs Neturei Karta

Fascinating discussion, it is not often you get to see dialogue like this. I have personally met the Neturei Karta activists in Monsey, and the truth is they really believe that they are doing the Ratzon Hashem for Klal Yisroel. Perhaps as a lmud zchut, the argument could be made that there is a logic to their position and that they help dispel hatred. I do have sympathy and respect for their intent…

HOWEVER, reality is, as R Amnon Yitzchak says, their logic is flawed, unsupported by 99.99% of the nation or the rabbinic elite, this war has nothing to do with Zionism, it is a war of race/religion, politics are really a feeble excuse. Although truth does not necessarily lie with numbers, a person should really start having doubts if there are only 10 other people in your community who are backing you. Our religion/nation does not take as normative, lone individuals taking life/death situations into their own hands, no matter how well intentioned.The sooner people start realising this, the sooner we will be on the way to hopefully reaching a state of peace and tranquillity.

The Power of Not Thinking

Thinking has a profound effect. So does not thinking.

A mind obsessed with yesterday’s travesties, today’s aches and pains, and tomorrow’s dark clouds, creates problems where none exist.

It transforms daydreams into realities, molehills into monstrosities, innocent creatures into venomous snakes. All the more so when such words pass the lips into the tangible world we all share.

That is why simply turning your back to those thoughts is such a powerful form of healing—for every sort of illness. Distract your mind to good thoughts, productive thoughts, thoughts of confidence in the One Who Made You, and especially thoughts of Torah.

Heal your mind and heal your soul. You will heal your body as well.

(Source: Daily Dose: R’Tzvi Freeman)

Matisyahu – Watching the Wheels (Cover)