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Love Sickness

Love Sickness

The source of all illness is the lovesickness of the soul. She yearns to return to her Beloved Above, and so is repulsed by the human form, her prison of pain.

Two things, then, must be repaired, and body and soul will be healed:

The human body must open itself to become a holy temple for the Infinite G‑d who desires it for His dwelling.

The soul must learn to discover the Infinite G‑d from within this human form, the place where He most desires to dwell.

—Maamar Ani Hashem Rof’echa

[Daily Dose – R’Tzvi Freemen)

Historic Meeting: Belzer Rebbe & Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel Meet

After years of distancing from one another, the highly-anticipated reconciliation meeting between Satmar and Belz took place on Wednesday night. The meeting between HaRav Aron Teitelbaum Shlita, the Satmar Rebbe from Kiryas Yoel, and the Belzer Rebbe Shlita, took place at a home of the Belzer Rebbe in Telz Stone. (Source: The Yeshiva World)

Shir Hashirim

For all the Writings are holy and Song of Songs is holy of holies – Rabbi Akiva

Ponovitch Rosh Yeshiva: Extremists Are Lampooning Our Gedolim

Jerusalem – Following criticism of his statements last week praising even irreligious Israeli soldiers, the Rosh Yeshiva of Ponovitch spoke on Monday to a group of students affiliated with the Eida Chareidis in order to further clarify his words and said that those who engage in extremist behavior are making a mockery of the leading Rabbonim of our generation.

R’ Gershon Edelstein was approached by the group of students who wished to better understand his statement that even those Israeli soldiers who are not religiously observant have earned their share in the world to come by virtue of the fact that they are willing to give their lives for the sake of others.

According to reports in Israeli news source Kikar Hashabat, R’ Edelstein told the students that while there were those who felt that his words last week contradicted the Gemara, the Rambam and others, his statements were not his own thoughts but those of Gedolei Yisroel. Quoting R’ Yechezkel Levenstein zt’l and the Chazon Ish zt’l, R’ Edelstein said it is forbidden to hate the chilonim and while we must hate any sins, we must have pity on the chilonim who fall under the halachic classification of “tinokos shenishbu” and are therefore not responsible for their sins.

R’ Edelstein took to task those extremists who continue to incite animosity against the chilonim.

“There are those who go out of their way to foster hatred for irreligious Jews and ultimately all they accomplish is to make a mockery out of our great Rabbonim,” said R’ Edelstein. “There were those who lampooned the Steipler and the Chazon Ish when they instructed their followers to go out and vote in the elections, but it is clear to all that their motives were only to belittle our gedolim, not for the benefit of klal yisroel.”

R’ Edelstein concluded by making it clear that he welcomed the opportunity to further clarify his statements for anyone who had any additional questions.