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Hasidic Jews going Gangnam style

Some more wisdom from the Daily Dose by R’ Tzvi Freeman


Electricity helps us understand the hidden G‑dly force that sustains the universe.

It cannot be grasped with any of the five senses—we can know it only from its effects and related phenomena. Indeed, we cannot explain it in any other terms.

Yet it permeates all of our experience, and from it we derive great light and power.


Beauty cannot be touched. It cannot be described or explained. The more we uncover Beauty, the more she eludes us.

Beauty is the world’s window through which the light of the Infinite bursts in.

Sunglasses of the Soul

The body is not something to be abhorred or rejected. On the contrary, the body serves as sunglasses for the soul.

Without the body, the soul can perceive G‑dliness only in an abstract, ethereal way. The body allows the soul to stare straight into the face of G‑dliness, in tangible, concrete terms.

The Metaphor

Everything we see about us is but a reflection of that which is above.

A king in our world reflects dominion above.

The sweetness of a fruit reflects the sweetness of the wisdom above.

The form of the human body reflects the inner structure of the cosmos, so that each limb and organ parallels a particular divine force.

Each of these things descends from its G‑dly place into our material realm to take tangible form—so that we can grasp those G‑dly concepts from which they extend.

Even those inventions that arose only in the modern era were hidden all this time within the Creation, waiting for us to discover them and reconnect them with their G‑dly source and meaning.