Noah Ark and the Flood

Noah Ark and the Flood in my mind is the ideal case study for all complications in the Bible, in regards to science, theology, history, authorship and morality. Below are some sources that discuss the issue.

Secular/Christian Responses:
-Life-sized’ Noah’s Ark which is being built in Kentucky
Evidence Suggests Noah’s Ark Flood Existed, Says Robert Ballard, Archaeologist Who Found Titanic
Bill Nye vs Ken Ham Debate
National Centre of Science Education: The impossible voyage of Noahs Ark
-Flood Stories from around the world

Torah Responses:
Dealing with the Deluge by Rabbi Slifkin
Did the great Flood really happen and where? by Rabbi Efram Goldberg
– Science in the Flood by Prof Moshe Kave

Torah Musings Blog
The Flood Narrative
The Flood Narrative II
-Bereishit and Allegory
Was there a Noach
Was there a Noach II
-Fossil and Faith

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